Greetings and Welcome to My page

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog Freddy’s Tasty Treats.  I have no idea on where to start so when in doubt let’s start at the beginning.  So to start off I would like to introduce myself my name is Freddy, and as you can probably infer from the url that this blog will mainly deal with food, most of which I baked myself.

Starting from a young age I always loved to bake and I have gotten many compliments.  Along with all the baking success that I also had many failures, but failures can be a good thing if you can use is as a learning experience. Unfortunately to make mistakes and correct them take time and that is something that people have less of these days.  So if I could help out and share my experiences then maybe I can prevent someone from making the same mistake that I did.  Of course if you are strapped for time you probably would not be reading this right now.  If you are reading this right now you have the time to make the mistakes yourself, but I am glad you are here reading this now.  Even though the title says Freddy’s tasty treats, I am mostly following recipes.  I do have some recipes of my own, but for the most part I enjoy trying new and interesting recipes.

They always say try to do one thing that scares you a day and starting this blog terrified me, but I thought I would give it a try.  If you made it this far down, I truly appreciate you reading this far down.  As you can tell I am totally new to this whole thing and surely the more I do this the better I should become right?  Anyway thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day.  Always remember to never stop learning and to always remember to stay hungry.

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