The Key to Successful Cooking

Hello readers and welcome to another exciting post.  I hope that it is very enlightening for you.  To begin, how about we take a little journey together.  You spent all day working on the perfect meal.  This meal is expensive to make, but the end result is totally worth it. You spend hours preparing it and cooking it.  After waiting all this time finally the best part has arrived, the plating and then enjoying this wonderful work of art.  There is only one issue, that perfect side dish of rice has turned into a runny mess.  Even though the dish tasted amazing and everyone who ate it complimented you, you still are upset about how it turned out.  What went wrong, you followed all the steps perfectly, right?  What happened and could it have been avoided?  Chances are it could have been and much easier than you think.  It is a lesson I will never forget.

As mentioned before I love to find new recipes and try them out.  Also I love to use my pressure cooker and when the two combine I am ecstatic.  So when doing a search on line I found this lovely recipe for a pressure cooker cheesey chicken and rice casserole found  here.  I love chicken and I absolutely love my rice and anything covered in cheese can’t be bad. So I decided to take a chance and make it.  It was relatively easy and simple to prepare and after placing everything in the pot I let the pressure cooker take care of the rest.  After the lid closed and the timer was set the countdown started.   After what seemed like hours of waiting the buzzer finally went off.  Filled with anticipation I let the pressure release and opened the lid expecting to see beautifully looking rice and delicious chicken what I got was this


I got a pot of something that resembled soup.  I was slightly dismayed but I thought to myself that is should get better when I plate the dish, that would take away the extra moisture.


Sadly I was still mistaken and needless to say is was downhearted.  The taste was alright but it was still disappointing and that ruined the meal for me.  About ten minutes later I went to get a glass of water and to take another disappointed look at the pot of runny rice when to my amazement something wonderful had happened.  The soupy rice had turned into the rice of my dreams.  (Before you ask yes I do dream about rice.  Some may say I have a problem but I chose to think that I am very passionate about my grains.)  I was truly amazed how time could have turned a sloppy soupy mess to a solid success.  If I would of only waited a little longer, I would have been spared the first couple of disappointing dishes.


The lesson I learned this time is I must have more patience while in the kitchen.  Rushing will only bring sadness and disappointment. That is all I have for today, thank you all for reading.  As always remember to never stop learning and to always stay hungry.

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