The guest that showed up late

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s post of baking with Freddy.  It is once again time to see what trouble I caused in the kitchen this past week.  Actually this post goes back a week but I never posted it.  Like the topic of this post, this one showed up late to the party and it was for a reason I never could have seen coming.  So grab your favorite snack, pull up a chair and get ready to come along on this very long drawn out journey; the journey that started with the unanswered invitation.

As most of you may remember from last post, the cake that missed the party finally arrived, but with its arrival also came something unexpected.  Last post I promised you that “an extremely grand entrance at that.” And hopefully I do not disappoint. For those who would like to follow along, here is where I found the recipe for the cake.  Crepe Cake recipe

To start off I finally went to the store to pick up the whipping cream so the first hurdle had been cleared, many more to follow.  As soon as I entered my house from my shopping expedition I removed the batter from the refrigerator to come to room temperature.  After about 10 minutes I got to work making the crepes.  If the goal was to make scrambled eggs then I would have been excelling but since I was trying to make flat disk of goodness, I had some work ahead of me.  You know what they say “If at first you don’t succeed try again”

First Attempt

Well the first attempt was absolutely atrocious, so I tried using a smaller pan to make the crepes in.

Second attempt

That got me better results but still not perfect.

Fourth Attempt

After another two tries I realized I was not baking them long enough causing them to fall apart when I flipped them.  I was getting closer to but was nowhere near perfection yet.

Sixth Attempt

After another two failed attempts I found this trick where using a rubber flipper I was able to bend it and go completely under the crepe allowing me to flip it correctly leading to a perfect crepe.  Through patience and perseverance I was finally making objects that started to resemble crepes.

After that hurdle was cleared, I got to work making the light and fluffy cloud like substance to serve as the filling.  After whipping the heavy cream, I added the filling base that I made a couple of days before.


Once this simple task was completed it was time to assemble this tower of a cake.  After what seemed like endless battle back and forth between crepe and frosting it was finally finished.  All it needed was a dusting of powdered sugar and my creation was complete.

Queue the trumpets and confetti for the grand entrance of this cake, with its ghostly pale frosting sandwiched between the plain crepes.  By now you are probably thinking you promised a grand entrance filled with fanfare and this sounds a little lackluster.  Trust me I know how you feel; I felt the same exact way.

I am not entirely sure what I was expecting, but it was something better than what I saw sitting in front of me.  It tasted good and it was not overly sweet a perfect balance, the only aspect that diminished that cake was my own perception of what it should have been.  I built it up so much in my mind that there was no way it could have competed with what I thought it should be.  I feel that happens many times.  You wait and plan for something and the more you wait and plan for it, the greater and greater it gets built up in your mind.  When the event finally comes you spend all the time comparing to what you feel it should be that you forget to enjoy the moment and realize the gift that moment possesses.


What started out as a fun party got contorted into something that it was never meant to be.  Due to the disappointment I failed to see the improvements I made as a baker.  For one I have grown a lot more patient.  If I attempted this recipe when I first started baking I would have probably given up by the third failed attempt at making the crepe. If anything this has taught me that sometimes when baking it is important to take a step back and a deep breath before starting again.  I promise you that not all my posts will be like this, I was just in a philosophical mood lately.  I have other new and exciting recipes that I will be trying and sharing with my loyal followers.  Likewise if you have any interesting recipes that you would like to see me try, please feel free to share them with me and I will see how I do with them.    Thank you everyone for taking this short and thought provoking detour with me and always remember to never stop learning and to always stay hungry.

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