The Baker who actually baked

I would first like to start off with an apology.  I started this blog as a site dedicated to baking and advertised this as well.  Up to this point I only posted about cooking, while still learning valuable lessons it is not what I intended (Unless you thought chicken and pulled pork when you think of bakery items, in that case stay tuned I may have something for you at a later time)  I would like to reaffirm that this will be a site devoted to baked goods.  Also I would like to make a promise to you the followers that I will post new material at least once a week.  With that being said welcome to another tricky yet delicious adventure.


The sandy floor of the desert, a place you will never want to get stranded.  It is an extremely hot landscape that without the proper guidance and equipment could almost mean certain tragedy.  Oh wait that is not the sands of the Sahara that is the powdery goodness on the top of my tiramisu.


Honest mistake I just forgot to add that extra “s”. Like the desert, this dessert can be tricky to navigate where one second can be the difference between a survival and a mushy failure.  Like a trip through the desert or any trip for that matter it all starts with that first step.  My first step came from one of the most random questions I have ever heard.  That question was “Can you make me Tiramisu?”  My first thought was “That was a really random question” and my second thought was “That sounds like fun, I’m in”  How this person knew that I could make tiramisu I will never know still the journey began, that weekend I made my dessert.

First I brewed the espresso that would later serve as a bath for the lady fingers.  Once I finished that I mixed in the sugar and let the solution cool.  Lesson number one, freshly brewed espresso is extremely hot.  That would be a good thing if you were enjoying a shot of espresso with a nice biscotti.  It is not good when you accidentally submerge your fingers in it in an attempt to dip the lady fingers.

While that was cooling I got to work on my filling, which also needed time to cool.  While I was waiting for everything to cool down a good use of my time would have been to start cleaning the kitchen and get ready for the next step of the process.  I say would have been because instead of cleaning I decided to take a short nap. You know what they say “A rested baker is a happy baker”  Okay you got me, they don’t say that but it was good justification for my laziness.  Luckily the ingredients were not chilly enough so I still had time to clean.  Once the cleaning was done it was time to use my frigid pieces to assemble this heavenly masterpiece.

It started with letting the lady fingers swim in their espresso bath.  This brings in lesson 2, which is that lady fingers are extremely absorbent.  DO NOT leave them in the espresso for longer than 3 seconds otherwise you will lose that poor lady finger.  After all the lady fingers got their quick soak it was time to finish up the filling by mixing the cheese the custard and the whipped cream.

Now it was time to assemble my fine creation.  I started off with a strong foundation, not physically strong but there was enough caffeine to keep you up for several days.  That was followed by half of the filling on top of that then we repeated once more.  To finish this dish off I dusted with chocolate powder.

This dessert is definitely very involved to make, but the effort is well worth the results.  Thank you for taking this journey with me through the harsh landscape of the kitchen as we go from arid lady fingers to this lively dessert that has a kick to it.  As this journey ends never forget the lessons learned how dipping your fingers into a scalding liquid is never a good idea and that a second can mean a difference between a happy dessert and a soggy mess.  That is all I have for today, thank you all for reading.  As always remember to never stop learning and to always stay hungry.

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